Flat Roofing Services

For both residential properties with extensions and commercial buildings, flat roofs are a common feature. It couldn’t be more important to fit this type of roofing correctly, not only to make sure that rainwater can drain off correctly but also to ensure that its surface has been securely fitted.

Our professional team has in-house roofing experts on hand who are able to design and install your flat roof to the highest standards whether you’re a business owner or homeowner.

We have extensive knowledge of the different types of flat roofing including bituminous felt, single ply & liquid waterproofing.

These days, flat roofing is becoming increasingly common on many different types of properties. While commercial businesses are most likely to have a flat roof, some domestic properties also have this roofing type, especially when an extension has been added at a later date.

Schools, hospitals, and other public buildings tend to have flat roofs, as do retail outlets and warehouses thanks to the practicality and cost-effectiveness of this roofing type. As professionals in the roofing industry, we can cater for our clients who require a new flat roof and give them a range of options to suit their needs.

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How Does Our Flat Roofing Installation Process Work?

Flat roofs can bring a number of advantages, and for this reason, they’re commonly found on both domestic properties and business premises. A key benefit that flat roofing provides is its cost-effectiveness, especially in terms of its initial construction.

Furthermore, flat roofs take up significantly less space when compared to pitched roofs, and that allows for additional flexibility when it comes to construction work. As flat roofs are also easier to access than pitched roofing, they’re far simpler to repair and maintain.

The first step in arranging for a flat roof installation with us is to contact our professional roofing team. Our experts will consult thoroughly with you to determine your needs and requirements, and to take you through our personalised roof design service.


At this stage, we’ll outline any potential problems with your roof requirements and give you our specialist advice in order to come up with the best possible solution. You can select from a range of different flat roof styles and materials to choose the most suitable option for your home or business premises. Our team will offer you expert advice at all times to support you in making the right decisions.

Once you’re happy with your flat roof specifics and your proposed design, we can schedule the most convenient date to come to your property to install your new roof. We know that it can be very disruptive to have a new flat roof installed at your property, especially when you’re trying to run a business from the same premises, so we work quickly without compromising on quality to ensure we complete your project as efficiently and rapidly as possible.

Once your roof is installed, we’ll perform a rigorous roofing inspection to ensure that it meets our exacting quality standards.

Why Choose Us To Install Your Flat Roof?

We’re proud of the excellent service we deliver to all of our clients, both commercial and domestic, and we pull out all the stops to ensure satisfaction with every project that we work on. When you choose us to install your new flat roof, you can benefit from:

We also offer a warranty on all the roofs we install, so if you experience any issues with your new flat roof at any time during its validity period, we’ll come and rectify the problems you’re experiencing with no additional charge.

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